Mobile Cellphone & Computer Repair Shop Point of Sale

Do you manage or work at a repair shop? Looking for something mobile and extremely easy to use, but powerful at the same time?




Repair Spots is the most powerful repair shop point of sale available. Built on IOS Platform


Our interface was built in such a simple way that you can start creating repairs in minutes


We are constantly releasing new features and functionality every few weeks. We take customer feedback extremely high

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Checking out sales has never been easier with our simplified interface. Whether you're checking out a repair ticket, screen protector, order etc. we have you covered. With Square POS integration and compatibility with Epson, Star Micronics, Milestone & Brother label printer.


Submitting a new repair has never been so easy. We broke it down into 3 simple steps: device information , price & parts, tech & customer information. Manage all your repairs in one place and quickly view monthly projections based on your monthly rate.


We know how important it is to keep all your customers organized. With Repair Spots you can manage all your customers in one place. Easily view repairs, sales, schedule a quick appointment and much more. We even show your top 10 customers on the side bar.​


Lets face it, Inventory management isn't easy but we all know how important it is. With Repair Spots you can manage your inventory like a pro. We implemented a few tools to help you out in the process. You can perform inventory counts, automatic low part stock lists, purchase orders, import/export and so much more.


When your store starts to grow and you have multiple employees things can get out of hand. With store mode there is no need to worry about that. In this mode you can keep track of each employee's action. Administrative features would require the admin pin in order to access them while this mode is enabled. .


In this mode your device will be locked into the repairs screen. We recommend having this feature enabled if you have a second device that is dedicated only for your techs being that this is a repair only mode.

WHat repair shops think about us

Repair Shops love using our platform, but don’t listen to us See what they have to say

Lo mejor

Lo mejor , está app encaja completamente con el servicio técnico en celulares tabletas y ordenadores

Repairspots Celltroms

Great app

Support is perfect
Software is perfect
Service is perfect




I’ve been using this app a while now for my business, it’s user interface is just what I need for my team to efficiently log in and checkout all repairs, sooo many features in this app. The developer continuously updates the app and they listen to ideas of the ppl that use it, truly an underrated app, you won’t regret it.


A great one and only software for repairing shops ★★★★★

i used it and tried many but repair spots is the easy and convenient to use software

muneer kumble


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